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If you need help with a pit bull, whether it be, food, supplies, spay or neuters or other vet care, training or advice, contact us at [email protected]
We are not a typical dog rescue. Our mission is proactive. Our goal is to provide needs and services to KEEP DOGS IN THEIR HOMES and  out of the already overwhelmed shelters, rescues, streets and out of the wrong hands of abusers, backyard breeders, and dog-fighters.
We host numerous events & fundraisers throughout the year to raise money specifically to benefit the Pit Bull, including our most popular, annual Freedom Ride Find out how you can be involved.
We Help Pit Bulls by Donations!
We are a 501(c)(3,) tax-exempt, non-profit organization.  ALL donations  are tax decuctible. We are grateful for your donations and we accept cash, check, paypal, blankets, food, bowls, towels, leashes, dog houses, kennels, crates, and anything else you have that will help us provide for people and pitties in need.  Please click here to donate directly to us using [email protected] via PayPal:
Freedom Ride
Free Training
There is so much to do!  We cannot survive without our volunteers, who do some amazing work for us to help us help others.  We always need more great people that have a passion for pitties.
Freedom Ride is our largest annual all day event packed with entertainment, food, adult beverages, venders, and we kick it off with a poker run.  All proceeds benefit Lorain County Pit Crew.
Our goad is to be able to intervene for people and pit bulls.  One way we can do that is by hiring our own, very talented trainers with your donations in order to provide clients in need free training.
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Lorain County Pit Crew (“LCPC”)’s mission is to help Bully owners keep their dogs in their homes. LCPC strives to alleviate hardships by providing services and needs that are otherwise unaffordable or inaccessible. LCPC helps prevent owners from being forced to re-home or surrender their dogs to already overwhelmed shelters and rescues, all too often ending in euthanasia of many great dogs due to no fault of their own. LCPC raises funds to provide free spay/neuters, immunizations, training, food, crates, and other services and needs to pit bull owners in Lorain County. LCPC has goals and future visions of a proactive, educational program involving a dog training, sport and recreation club for the youth that would assist in ending abuse, dog-fighting, irresponsible ownership, and negative breed stigma. LCPC works to advocate for and preserve America’s historically well-loved and highly respected, but current day, the most misunderstood and abused breed in history – the American Pit Bull Terrier.
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